I would like to thank the !kung people for their confidence in me and their willingness to share their traditions and knowledge not only with me, but with all readers of this book:
From the Forest Research Station Kanovlei: Silas and Cilia Mandjoro, Matchao Mpande, Erastus Kasimba, Rauha and Matheus Makuyu, Santo Tsikungo, Mathias Mahongo, N\ame Shangueira, Zimbara, N\eisse, Elisabeth, Guni and all the other people who contributed with information. Special thanks to Auzenu Manzolo for his patience in teaching me Vasekele, for translating and explaining and for his assistance in gathering difficult to find plant specimen for identification.
From Kanovlei village: the female traditional healer !aíhang.
From Luhebo village: Rosina, Ester, Salia , Mítango, Mandrissa, Diana, Maria, Dala Daniel, the traditional healer Fulai Bimbi and his wife and also traditional healer wihemba.
From Mangetti Dune: Joao Shiswata, Kambinda Tiembeleka, Luciano, Angusto and Benjamin.
From Bobisepos: #kali Kuruvasi, Samkxau /kali, Bobi /nani.
From Grashoek: the school principal Edla, the school children, and Lucia and Martha.
I would also like to thank:
Mrs. Saar and Mr. Dankemeyer who lived at the station for two years before us and who gave me a good introduction to the women of the station and of several villages in this area. This was obviously a great help in building up cooperation and trust between myself and the community.
Patrik Strobel for his photographs, his critical and constructive professional contributions and all his support.
the staff of the National Herbarium in Windhoek, especially Renate Kubirske and Coleen Mannheimer, for their friendly and fast help in identifying the plants and for their professional advise in all questions and doubts I had.
Dr. Charlotte Flower for the editing in English and for all her friendliness despite difficulties in communication between Windhoek and the remote and only radio-equipped Forestry Research Station Kanovlei.
the Directorate of Forestry for their support and especially the late Dr. Mueller for his initial ideas and his identification of plants up to April 1997
the German Development Service (ded) for supporting the idea of this book and for funding it.
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